SLICE® is a family of energy storage products utilising safe, reliable and cost-effective Lithium-ion battery technology
Q. Why should I buy your SLICE® energy storage products?
A. We are a leading designer and supplier of high quality Lithium-ion battery products.
Q. How can I be sure your products are reliable?
A. Our products are designed by engineers that have extensive experience in developing batteries for the most demanding applications, including aerospace, mining, marine and defence.
Q. Do you really manufacture SLICE® products in the UK?
A. Yes, we manufacture in the north of Scotland at our purpose-built battery manufacturing and test facility.
Q. Why are Lithium-ion batteries a good technology for energy storage?
A. Lithium-ion batteries have good thermal stability, cycle life and are maintenance free.
Q. Can you assist with my energy storage project?
A. Yes, we like to engage with our customers to help define the right technical solutions for them.
Q. How can I make money by installing a storage battery?
A. Grid connected batteries can provide balancing services to the electricity grid enabling revenues to be generated from them. We’ll be happy to discuss your project idea with you.
Q. Do you offer finance for battery projects?
A. As well as selling energy storage batteries we can discuss other ways of financing and the shared benefits of a battery installation.
Q. Do you have local technical support?
A. Yes, we are a UK business with employees located around the country.
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