SLICE® is Denchi Group’s portfolio of energy storage products, utilising safe, reliable and cost-effective Lithium-ion battery technology
Energy evolution
Decarbonisation of the energy system, through increasing amounts of renewable generated electricity and, the increases in decentralised renewables generation, means energy storage is a key element of the future energy system.
The SLICE® range of Lithium-ion battery energy storage products have been designed to address a range of requirements for electricity storage - both on and off the grid. Utilising safe Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology, SLICE® energy storage offers reliable solutions to meet all your electricity storage needs.
The Denchi Group has been designing and manufacturing high reliability battery systems for over 15 years, supplying products into the aerospace, marine, mining and defence markets - where failure is not an option. All SLICE® solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK by our highly experienced engineers and technicians. Our proven expertise in supplying  products to some of the most demanding environments means you can be sure your investment will be durable, safe and cost-effective.
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